Jeudi 10 mars 2011

number of advantages

197. October 16 to 21, Aokang Group nike dunks president and vice president Wang Zhentao led his party of nine on staff went to Hong Kong economic and trade visits. The main purpose of this trip is to get out to see O'Connell O'Connell, by "going out" to understand the EU anti-dumping situation, the Hong Kong economic and trade policies, peer development, in order to further broaden thinking, broaden their horizons, Nike Dunk SB inspiring O'Connell 2006 development strategy, better promote the development of O'Connor. Delegation, six days after Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen. Has called on joint efforts with the international brand, with an annual 12 million pairs of shoes, in Macau, Hong Kong, Zhongshan, Dongguan factories have been established in four regions of Macau's largest shoe cheap jeans company force a new shoe company's chairman Mr. Tan Weilin; to a few thousand dollars of funds started in 1996 in the Hong Kong market, has become the largest footwear company in Hong Kong, Chairman of Mirabell Group, Mr. Deng Weilin; Aokang Group to customers Beida Company, Hong Kong, general manager of Mr. He Zijun; Deputy Director of Trade and Industry jeans outlet Department of Hong Kong Mr Clement LEUNG; Invest Hong Kong East Asian Affairs, Regional Manager Mr. Zheng Jingxiong, etc.; GEOX, louis vuitton handbags Italy's Asia sales director, Mr. ELDO; shoes sales of the largest domestic companies, is expected to retail sales in 2006 of 60 billion yuan of Belle Investments Ltd. General Manager, Mr. Sheng Baijiao; for the global company's chairman Chung Sheng Yuandong Miss Wang Lu and so on. With the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department, Invest Hong Kong exchange, the delegation learned about the economic situation of Hong Kong, especially in Hong Kong's requirements, processes, tax policy, human capital, store rent and other Youle into a clearer understanding. During the inspection found that the two departments up to the leadership and general staff are down to the very dedicated, very strong sense of service, gucci handbags efficiency is high, the Hong Kong government departments and the general working hours of nine o'clock in the morning to a point in the afternoon from two began to excuse me. At Invest Hong Kong, with the other starting from the five p.m. exchange, has been extended to six o'clock, the other party, answer, sincere enthusiasm, that'll do all that with good O'Connell service development in Hong Kong, there is a chance but also to inspect O'Connor. Force the new chairman of the Macao shoe introduced in detail to the delegation EU anti-dumping of the situation and cooperation between the company and the experience of European customers. In particular, he pointed to his company's experience in the process of cooperation with European customers, the customer is completely different with the United States, orders for U.S. customers once settled, would not be changed; and European customers is different, an order will changes frequently, because the other side is the other customer requirements should be adjustments made in front of the time gave European Ji waste, and finally left us very short production time, which requires the fastest speed we to adapt to European customers, not customers to adapt to us, unless you do not cooperate with each other. With Aokang cooperation with the GEOX company, which is inspired on the mission and the vibration level is very large. Insurance Group in the beautiful, Deng Weilin, chairman of the beautiful treasure is described in detail the development in Hong Kong, focusing on their cooperation with the GEOX situation in Hong Kong. Deng Weilin chairman, said cooperation with the international brands, can learn many things, enhance the management capacity, to learn ways to build brand brand, but also pay attention to the risks, well in advance to avoid measures. In Shenzhen, Belle Investment Corporation, Mr. Sheng Baijiao detailed description of the Belle doing more than a decade of retail experience, the business philosophy of Belle; daily management. In particular, he describes, in Belle, everything is around the market in turn, to marketing for the center; in Belle, they produce department managers, managers, design department manager, etc. are transferred back from the market line; he that are designed for the production of marketing services, are customer service, so only the market first-line sales manager, sales can truly understand customer needs, as they deal with customers every day, so for them to manage the production department and design departments, they do not like the idea, they will be market-oriented, customer-centric, and not "sit idle," self-centered. The delegation's last stop is in the vibrant and dynamic company in Shenzhen Zhong Sheng lofty end. After concluding its investigation, the delegation summarized. The vice president said that through the "going out" study, learn a lot of things you can not usually know, big shock, found a number of advantages and strengths of others, many others have done better than we, have seen their own inadequacies, the next step we have to change the concept, down to earth, advantages and catch up. Aokang President Wang Zhentao said the investigation "a worthwhile trip", although the study have a tight schedule, we start every morning from eight to eleven or twelve o'clock at night to rest, very hard, but learn a lot of things , some experience can learn to follow immediately, some next step is to combine the actual, adjusted to improve. The next step will be organized mid-level companies "going out" inspection.


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absorbed 37.33

198. Currently more than 18,000 nike dunks Taiwan enterprises in Guangdong are about more than one in Guangzhou in 2200 has become an important force in the export tax Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and other places dotted concentrated investment from abroad to set up thousands of shoe manufacturers, of which 60% of the Taiwan-funded enterprises, the production of various Nike Dunk SB types of shoes, representing the total mainland yield of 60% to 70%, while most of these shoes for export, the average American have 3 pairs of Chinese shoes, two pairs of which came from the Pearl River Delta, with Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River Delta region called the world's largest shoe manufacturing and export base. A Taiwanese investment in thecheap jeans footwear industry is a microcosm of China's development. Taiwan has experienced three stages in the development of the continent According to reports, Taiwanese businesspeople in China has gone through three phases, the first is in the earlyjeans outlet 1990s, this period, the number of labor-intensive enterprises move to the mainland from Taiwan, the investment scale is small, investment in joint venture or cooperative operation mainly owned enterprises less. At this stage, in particular, Wang louis vuitton handbags Yung-ching of Taiwan businessmen in mainland China tours and large-scale investment projects on Taiwan businessmen investing in mainland China has played an important demonstration effect, the formation of Taiwanese investment in the first wave. The second phase in 1995, the consumer electronics industry is a major investment in the status. Therefore, Taiwanese businesses have begun to speed up Shanghai and Jiangsu Province on investment. Then, the "Pearl River" and "triangle" as Taiwanese investment in mainland China are two key areas. Taiwan investment in the third phase after 2000, the mainland in December 2001 formally joined the WTO, marked the mainland economy has entered a new period of development. According to statistics, from 2000 to 2002, the mainland approved 12,131 Taiwan-invested projects together, the agreementgucci handbags sets $ 17,630,000,000 amount of money actually invested 9.49 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the total number of Taiwanese investment over the years 21.8%, 28.6% and 28.5% and Taiwan after Hong Kong became the second largest foreign investor. Some experts believe that the scope for future investment in Taiwan will continue to expand north to the North regions. Taiwan province of Guangdong is one of the most Taiwan Business Association in Guangdong Province, according to data provided by Taiwan-funded enterprises in Guangdong are about more than 18,000, is the largest number of National Taiwan one of the provinces, and Taiwan-funded enterprises in Guangzhou has reached more than 2,200, the actual investment from Taiwan 6.5 billion U.S., Taiwan and Guangzhou, capital has become an export tax of the important forces. Currently, Taiwan is not only a major trading partner of Guangdong, but also attract foreign investment in Guangdong, a major source. According to statistics, total import and export trade between Guangdong and Taiwan from 1988 to 6.86 million U.S. dollars to 30.2 billion in 2004, annual import and export trade of Guangdong accounted for 8.5% of GDP, accounting for the mainland and Taiwan, the total value of import and export trade 38.5%. To the end of March 2005, the province has total of 18,710 Taiwan-funded enterprises, Taiwan-funded contracts absorbed 37.33 billion U.S. dollars, the actual absorption of Taiwan-funded 26 billion U.S. dollars, second only to Hong Kong-Taiwan-invested in Guangdong to become the second largest source of overseas investment. The current distribution of Taiwanese investment in Guangdong is still more concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, especially in Dongguan. Currently set up factories in Dongguan up to more than 4,000 Taiwan-funded enterprises, of which more than 800 family members of IT industry, more 10 products in the international market share came in first. There are more Taiwanese distribution of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as small and medium sized metropolitan area near the two cities.


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, due to congestion

200. I believe many people havenike dunks this experience: after exercise, foot blisters, and even inflammation. This may be wearing the wrong shoes caused. Exercise, the feet when the pressure is several times standing, therefore, wearing the wrong shoes, sports, your feet more vulnerable to injuries. In addition to foot blisters, inflammation of the joints evolved into a foot shape. Toes and Nike Dunk SB protruding bones between the toes rubbing against each other, will bring a long heel spurs and arch pain, pain, and the phenomenon, these are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Three feet Most people's feet in standard type, flat feet about six adults discrepancies, mainly Asians Youyi flat feet. Many people do not know what their foot shape is, here is a simplecheap jeans test method: the soles of the feet wet, printed on thin paper, you can at a glance. Flatfoot's feet inside the arch curvature is small, standing close to the ground almost the entire foot. High arches who, by contrast, curvature arch highjeans outlet arch bit difficult to close to the ground. Flat feet who will be running when the ankle inward tilting, increasing the burden on the foot. When buying shoes, arch supporting the good performance should be selected, insoles with arch cushion,louis vuitton handbags heel hard, straight cutting line soles of athletic shoes, or are likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis. High arches should use a good supporting performance shock absorbers and sports shoes, for example air, that can reduce the shock on the foot injury. Wearing a time not too long Experts suggest that when buying new shoes, clothing and time to avoid too long, because the shoes are not fully fit foot. Wear old shoes, for example, "qi" has become "leakage", or non-slip soles pattern has been polished, it must be discarded. Avoid the "one shoe diary" Another point worth noting is: avoid the "one shoe to go End of the World." For different sports, should wear appropriate shoes. Sports shoes for different sports shock absorbers, anti-slip, bending properties have different needs. * Running: Sports shoes, shock-absorbing ability, have a flexible forefoot position to meet the start of the action. * Tennis: This is more stop, twist for the sports, sports shoes better slip resistance. * Basketball: Impact and jump more, must pay attention to the shock absorber function of sport shoes, sports shoes to wear high shoe blade may be given better protection of joints to reduce the chance of a sprained ankle. * Badminton and other indoor sports: Walking, should choose a more flexible high shoes, heavygucci handbags shoes will add to the foot fatigue. * Fitness: General indoor fitness, choose multi-functional sports shoes, slip better. Select shoes tips Good shoes should have shock-absorbing, non-slip, sweat, foot care function, in addition to improving performance of athletes the opportunity to reduce sports injuries. Trauma caused by wearing the wrong shoes may not be immediately can see, over time, the will cause a strain. Especially in middle-aged, bone began to weaken due, should pay attention. Tips for buying shoes, including: * In the afternoon or a pair of shoes within 1 hour after exercise, because exercise, due to congestion and swelling of the feet. * Wear socks, the toe or heel parts, set aside one or two centimeters. * One wearing new shoes, a wearing old shoes, more comfortable on both sides. * Check the shoes squat bending performance is good, the first third of the shoe. * Breathable and waterproof shoes better. * A pair of shoes to children, not "greedy" to buy a bigger size, because the space between shoes and feet too large to provide adequate support of the lost. * The elderly and children to wear thin soles of shoes, easy to balance. Obese people should choose shock-absorbing ability, shoes, shoes on both sides to strengthen supporting.


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gradually increase

201. The number of children innike dunks the country counted 3.8 billion, per capita annual consumption of 4 pairs of shoes, each pair of shoes for 20 yuan a conservative calculation, is 28.8 billion. It is now the standard of living getting higher and higher into the lives of parents Nike Dunk SB of growing children, children's consumption of showing a clear personality, the trend of buying initiative. Therefore, children'scheap jeans shoes in the market space will gradually increase speed. The industry believes that children's shoes compared to other children's products, the cost of a small, profit, and children's feet continue to grow is the business rolling in revenue. "jeans outlet No shoes, poor foot half" by saying to stimulate the nerves of young parents, adults and children, shoes, miniature cartoon version side by side. The trend of adult children's clothing, shoes, design costs of children is minimized, market louis vuitton handbags factors such gucci handbags as high-end brand has very little to make the probability of successful entrepreneurs is virtually enlarged.


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